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Interior Renovation Questionnaire

    Let's get started

    Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. The more information you give us, the more detailed we will be with our estimate.

    1. Contact Info:

    2. When would you like to start your project?

    3. What floor is this project on?

    First FloorSecond FloorThird FloorAtticBasementHigh Ride Building with Elevator Service

    4. Do you have space on your property for a dumpster. (Renovations create a lot of debris on a daily basis, having a container on the property for the duration of the project is the most cost effective way to dispose of debris)

    Yes. You can put a container on my property for the duration of the project.Yes. But it needs to be removed weekly.Yes.Yes. But it needs to be removed daily.No. It must be placed in the street.

    5. Do you have a design? (Even our most basic interiors need a detailed design to allow our clients and craftsmen to be on the same page)

    No. I would like help with the design.Yes. I have plans from a designer.Yes. I have plans form an architect.Yes. I have made my own.

    6. Would you like to renovate an existing interior or new interior renovation to an existing space?

    Renovate an existing interiorAdd a new interior

    7. What is your budget for your project? (by determining a project budget, we will be able to better understand your project.)

    Please take two photos of your interior and upload them to help us understand the age and layout of the existing space. This will greatly help us accurately estimate labor costs and the timeline.

    8. Existing interior. (Photo 1)

    9. Existing interior. (Photo 2)

    Each style of interior comes with its own unique set of details and materials. Understanding your desired style for this interior will help us more accurately estimate labor and materials. Please upload a couple images of interior that you like to help us get a feel for your taste.

    10. interior you like. (Photo 1)

    11. interior you like. (Photo 2)